Squad Status

Squad Status Tutorial

One of the core features of SoccerPulse is Squad Status, which allows coaches to get detailed information from their players prior to the start of training. Players will submit daily questionnaires which indicate their soreness, fatigue, stress, sleep and mood on a scale of 1-10.  


Collectively, these values give us an idea of how ready that player is to perform. Values are always set from the prior report, which means that players will always be saying how they feel today in relation to yesterday. Players can also add comments or indicate a particular body part which is sore.

Selecting a player from Squad Status will allow us to see a more detailed view of the player's reports. You can check out all past reports, view graphs of soreness, fatigue, stress, and sleep, and look for trends in the data. 


A healthy player should have an overall graph which resembles a mild roller coaster. A player who could be at risk of overtraining or injury is one where the player spends too much time with high fatigue, stress, and soreness. By default, the overall readiness score puts equal weight on soreness, fatigue, stress, and sleep, but you can adjust this in Settings to put more weight on one value or another. You can also hide the readiness score from the view of the player.