Team Periodization is Here!

August 12, 2019

Back in April, we announced that we'd be implementing Team Periodization as our newest feature. We had initially only allowed our Brand Ambassadors to trial it as we ironed out the kinks and received feedback from them on what they liked and wanted changed. 


We're delighted to announce that starting tomorrow...


Team Periodization will be available for ALL COACHES on iOS devices!


What is Team Periodization? Well, without getting too complicated, think of it as a way of planning your training intensities for the week/month/year based on when your match days are. The guidelines within the app will evolve as we continue to make improvements, but to start, some of the vital information you'll be receiving are...


1. Whether to perform an intensive or extensive warm up, based on the prior day. 


2. Whether to have a high intensity, moderate intensity, or light intensity session, based on your upcoming match days.


3. The total workload for any double or triple sessions. 


One of the reasons for number 3 was we noticed that coaches seemed to think that running two sessions with an RPE of 4 and 5 meant that the total for that day was a 4.5, when in reality, the total was actually around a 9.5! This will help you more accurately understand the load during preseason!

While Periodization has replaced Events on the home screen, you'll still be able to see a list view of events from inside the Periodization view, just as before. You'll also still be able to add multiple events at the same time. 


We haven't made Periodization available to the players yet, because typically when in-season, players don't have as much time available to really train on their own, but we will revisit this in November.


Some other improvements you'll notice are...


- The ability to edit/delete multiple events at once.


- Event Intensity broken down by position and also separated by outfield players/goalkeepers.


- The ability to see what percentage of players have entered their RPE's.


- The ability to quickly remind players who haven't entered RPE's.


- Visual improvements for all screens.


- A bug fix for Team Form not loading properly without changing date.


-  A visual bug fix for teams who upgraded their max number of players. 


- Add performance ratings by just tapping on the Performance Menu.


- Individual messenger can now be disabled at the coaches discretion.


We've also decided to remove the requirement that players enter "Attending" in order to receive an RPE.


Now they will receive it no matter what (so long as they've downloaded this update and not entered Absent). You can always change the players attending status for events by swiping left on their name.


We will be monitoring things closely to see what the feedback is on this update, but we're hoping this will help you plan your training weeks more effectively. 


If you like the new feature, take a screenshot and tag us on social media (@SoccerPulseApp) so we can share how you've planned your preseason with all the other coaches out there!


If you've been on the fence about using SoccerPulse, there's no better time to jump in and try it free for 30 days. Visit to get started!




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