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June 17, 2019

As a coach, I know how annoying and difficult it can be to give detailed end of season evaluations to your players based on the position they play, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they need to work on to improve their game.


Even worse, these evals are typically done on paper or in Microsoft Word, making it nearly impossible to track the development of a player over a 9 month season.



Instead of resting on our laurels and being content with what SoccerPulse already has to offer (which is an incredible amount for $20 per month), we decided to take things to another level and devote all of April, May and June to producing a new feature that will allow players to take their development into their own hands.


How Will Player Development Work?


Everyone knows that the demands of a center back differ from the demands of a full back. To be a great fullback, you need to be a good crosser, great in 1v1 defense and attack, have a high work rate, and be an excellent tackler.


In contrast, a top center back will be great in the air, excellent at reading the game and intercepting passes, and constantly communicating to their back line.


To reflect these different demands, we added 6 new positions to SoccerPulse.


Full back, center back, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, winger, and center forward and all available to be selected from the player's profile screen. If your player entered the wrong position, you can easily change it for them by selecting Edit Profile.
























Each position is made up of 15 Critical Abilities and 10 Important Abilities.


Critical Abilities are attributes which are of the highest order to be a top player in that position. These abilities count 2x in the player's overall rating and are highlighted in blue.


Important Abilities are not as high an order as Critical Abilities, but they are still necessary for the player to be proficient in. These abilities count for 1 and are highlighted in green.


Tapping on an ability will give a detailed explanation for what an ability means. An ability rated between 1-7 indicates that the player is poor in this area and needs improvement. An ability between 8 and 10 indicates the player is in the middle of the pack. 11 - 13 indicates good, 14 - 16 indicates excellent, and 17 - 20 indicates masterful, meaning the player is world class in this ability and has very little room for improvement.


You can add comments for any ability which is listed, and these can all be seen by the player. We highly recommend that you give plenty of feedback so that your ratings have context.


When you are completed with the report, you can either tap Save and Reveal, which will notify the player that you have submitted a new report, or you can hit Save which will keep the report hidden from the view of the player until you are ready to reveal it to them.


You can only add 1 report every 30 days, so if you need to make changes to a prior report, simply hit the edit button on that report.


I've Added an Eval... Now What?



After the eval has been added, you can see what the aggregate score is for Attacking, Defending, Mental, Technical, and Physical based on the ratings that you entered.


It's important to remember that comparing Attacking for a center back and Attacking for a winger will be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!


Attacking skills for a center back include composure, vision, and long passing, while a winger will need to be good at crossing, 1v1 attacking, and dribbling.


Here's where the feature gets cool... you can swipe left on the position in the top right corner to see what the rating would be if the player was forced to play a different position. This is extremely helpful for that winger you have who is a great defender but doesn't contribute enough in attack... maybe they would be better as a full back!


As the season progresses and you add more reports, you can track the improvement of the player in each attribute category. If you have multiple coaches in the team adding reports, you can see what they indicated as their ratings for that player.


Is Player Development Free?


As of right now, Player Development is FREE for all iOS users. It is not yet available on Android, but we are currently working to make it available as quickly as possible. 


Starting on August 1st 2019, all NEW teams created will have to pay a premium price to use this feature, so if you want to use it for free, make sure you have your team created before that date.


Not using SoccerPulse yet? Click here to request a 30 day free trial so you don't miss out on this awesome feature!








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