Community Transmission! Brand Ambassador and Team Periodization

March 29, 2019

Community Transmission!


As we approach the 2 year anniversary of SoccerPulse’s first release on iOS, we’d like to breakdown our newest feature, Team Periodization, and how it will help you plan your sessions with your team.


At launch, Team Periodization will only be available to Brand Ambassadors. To become a Team SoccerPulse Brand Ambassador, all you have to do is fill out the application. There’s no charge or additional cost to becoming a BA, and you’ll get loads of great perks. 


These perks include 10% off all subscriptions, points on all purchases which can be redeemed for free subscriptions or Duktig Products, and access to hundreds of online drills on our website, picked specifically for your periodization.


 If you're chosen as a TSP Brand Ambassador, your home screen will turn blue.


Team Periodization allows you to select a day from the week, and based on your upcoming schedule and match day, it will suggest 


  1. Target Intensity for upcoming sessions

  2. Intensity review for past sessions

  3. Warm Up suggestions (Intensive / Extensive)


Using these suggestions, you can go onto our website and look up drills which fit into these categories. In the future, we’ll be including the ability to add external factors such as travel, weather, and playing surface. 

Team Periodization is currently in beta, so if you have any suggestions or ideas while using it, please feel free to email us at We take all suggestions, especially from our Brand Ambassadors, very seriously!


Haven’t applied to become a BA yet? You still have time, but the window closes on March 31st! Click here to apply


We’ll be announcing our Brand Ambassadors on April 4th when the app update goes live.

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