Community Transmission - iOS 2.5.0 Update

November 13, 2018

Hello everyone. We've got some fantastic plans for future versions of SoccerPulse, and I felt the best way to keep you informed as coaches was to do a monthly transmission on what's coming next for SoccerPulse, and how these new features will benefit you as a coach. I'd like to thank Skylar Richards of FC Dallas, for suggesting many of these improvements.


For 2.5.0 on iOS, we're really focusing on quality of life improvements within the app, especially for Directors of Coaching who have multiple teams that they are working with. Here's a quick dive into what's new in the latest version of SoccerPulse.


New Team Selection and Notifications


Our first quality of life improvement comes on the Home Screen for coaches who have multiple teams. You'll now be able to see the age group of the team you select in the nav bar, plus all notifications from each team. Switching teams is even easier, as you can scroll across to select the team you'd like to display. 


Home Screen Event Summary 


Our next quality of life improvement also arrives on the Home Screen. Instead of having to go into Events to see how intense a recent event was, you'll now receive a nice summary which will tell you the event intensity for that day. You can click on it to take you to the full Post Event screen, or swipe down to dismiss it. It won't appear again until your next event.


Add Injuries to Players


Our next two improvements come to the Injury List. The change you'll notice is a + icon in the nav bar. This will allow you to add injury to any player's most recent report. This injury will continue to be added each time a report is submitted, or until you or the player closes it (You can close an injury by swiping left on it in the Injury List). You can also set that player's current participation level (we'll be adding more to participation levels in the next update). 


Past Injuries Grouped by Day


Also improved on the injury list are past injuries, which are now grouped by the type of injury and the number of days they occurred for that player. This is a much simpler way of viewing injuries that could be likely to re-occur in the future. 


Edit Team Information


Requested from many coaches as one season ends and another begins, we've now given you the option to edit your Team Name, PIN, Age, and Logo. This view is easily accessible from the Manage Squads view. 


That's all for version 2.5.0 on iOS! Later this week, we'll have information on the next update for Android, as well as some exciting news of SoccerPulse integration with other apps, as well as an exclusive club for teams to get great discounts and share their experiences with the app.


Until next time.... MD



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