Crossfire Premier Adds SoccerPulse to Player Development Tools

October 10, 2018

Charlotte, N.C. — SoccerPulse announced today that Crossfire Premier (WA) had signed up 7 of their USSDA teams with SoccerPulse for the 2018/19 season. The teams include both boys and girls and ranged from ages U-14 to U-18.


“Adding SoccerPulse to our suite of player-development tools has greatly enhanced our coaches’ insight into the form, readiness and daily fitness of each individual in our Academy”, said Troy Letherman, Director of Coaching for Crossfire Premier.


“The app has immediately become an integral part of the periodization plans designed by our Academy leadership, with directors using SoccerPulse to design training cycles for each team based on the team’s reported readiness.”


"Similarly, our Academy coaches use the app to monitor their players’ fitness and to track their form in both training and games, giving them more ability to make informed decisions to get the most out of each player week-in and week-out.”


“I'm delighted that clubs like Crossfire have made player fitness and performance of the utmost importance, and have trusted SoccerPulse to assist them with this process”, said Matt Danaher, SoccerPulse founder.


“It’s my hope that the app will assist in keeping their players injury free and lead to a successful season for all their teams in 2018/19.”


Crossfire Premier is based in Redmond, Washington, a few miles east of Seattle, and is devoted to promoting the game of soccer, providing professional training and elite player development to assist players in advancing to the highest levels of play available in the United States. 


SoccerPulse is available on iOS and Android devices. For more information, please visit

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